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Resolve UK is a National Mediation Provider approved by the Ministry of Justice and Accredited Member of the Civil Mediation Council

We are experts in dispute resolution and help individuals, companies and charities to resolve disputes throughout the UK.

We have conducted mediations for private individuals, partnerships, ftse companies, government agencies, premiership football clubs, world sports champions and national charities with royal patrons.

Here is what our clients say about our service:

"You worked miracles"

"10 out of 10"


Here is what the Ministry of Justice says about the use of mediation:

"I strongly believe that for the vast majority of disputes in civil, family and administrative justice, it can be a better way of reaching a resolution for all concerned- quicker, less expensive, certainly less stressful, and a solution that the parties themselves will buy into because they have shaped the outcome"

Jonathan Djanogly
Justice Minister, March 2012

Here is what the Judiciary say about the use of mediation:

"Halsey has made plain not only the high rate of a successful outcome being achieved by mediation but also its established importance as a track to a just result... The court has given its stamp of approval to mediation"

Lord Justice Ward
Court of Appeal, 2005
Burchell v Bullard

"8 out of 10 cases are suitable for mediation"

District Judge Cawood
July 2012

"clients (should) put their faith in the hands of an experienced mediator, a dispassionate third party, to guide them to a fair and sensible compromise of an unseemly battle which will otherwise blight their lives for months and months to come"

Lord Justice Ward
Court of Appeal, 2012
Oliver v Symons

"In my judgment, the time has now come for this court firmly to endorse the advice given in chapter 11.56 of the ADR Handbook, that silence in the face of an invitation to participate in ADR is, as a general rule, of itself unreasonable"

Lord Justice Briggs
Court of Appeal, 2013
PGF II SA v OMFS Company

Mediation Expertise

Property Disputes
Inheritance Claims
Professional Negligence
Insurance Claims
Business Disputes
Director & Shareholder
Partnership Disputes
Personal Injury
Shipping & Maritime
Trade & International
Trusts & Tolata
Wills & Probate Disputes

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